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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Incredible Startpage 1.3 is released!

Welcome! We have released Incredible Startpage 1.3 which includes lot of improvements. Enjoy!

Improved theme editor!! 

Beside using a custom URL, you may now use local file as background image.

Note: A normal wallpaper of around 100 to max. 500K in size is recommended. If the file is too large it might be slow to load the new tab and even crash the new tab.

We also have enhanced the photo picker for you to easily choose amazing photos from

Edit bookmarks directly in the main panel

To begin edit a bookmark, mouse over the bookmark item and click the 'wrench' icon at the bottom right corner. A pop up will appear and you may edit the bookmark title or delete it.

Handle local links
The main panel can now links like chrome:// or file:// are handled properly
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