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TooManyTabs for Firefox

TooManyTabs is a Mozilla Firefox add-on. It is a pain when you have way too many tabs - you can't find the right tab, and the tabs eat up so much memory that your PC is dragged to a halt.

With the latest version of TooManyTabs, you can now store as many tabs as you like by adding extra rows in the Firefox. Instead of allowing idle tabs to waste your PC's memory, you can now put your tabs on the extra rows, remove them from the memory, and restore them in your browser when you need them again. The extra rows also allow you to better prioritize and visualize your tabs. Finding the right tab have never been easier! It is now guilt-free to be a tab-aholic!

Basic Video Tutorial

Advanced Video Tutorial

Some tips for advanced settings:
Shortcut keys
  • Change toggle TMT toolbar short by change this preference in about:config, for example, the default setting is {"modifiers":"accel,alt","key":"M"} which means Ctr+Alt+M in windows
  • When setting shortcut for individual rows, you may try Ctr-Alt-1 to  Ctr-Alt-0 in windows
Bookmark Folders
  • TMT tabs are stored with additional annotations in the Firefox bookmarks system, the folder is located in "Unsorted Bookmarks > TooManyTabs (Do Not Delete)".
  • In case you wants to transfer your TMT tabs to another machine, you can use bookmarks synchronization tools like XMarks or backup your tabs in TMT Options and import the file in another machine

We would like to thank the following authors for their icons.

We would to thank the following translators from

Markus Stadler (German), RigoNet (Spanish), ioreker (French), Kozák Csaba (WonderCsabo) (Hungarian), SATO Kentaro (Japanese), Tom Puttemans (Dutch), Leszek(teo)Życzkowski (Polish), Edgard Dias Magalhaes (Portuguese [Brazilian]), Carlos Simão (Portuguese), Пирятинский Виталий (Russian), Mikael Hiort af Ornäs (Swedish), Nguyễn Hoàng Long (Vietnamese), yfdyh000 (Chinese)

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