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Saturday, June 18, 2011

FreshStart now has multiple windows session management

We know it is been a long wait and finally it's here! You can now save multiple windows into a single FreshStart session in version 1.5.0.

Two Panels View

The left panel is the current session, select windows and tabs you would like to save to a single FreshStart session. The right panel is the list of saved sessions, you can export, edit and remove sessions here.

Edit Session

The part with most changes is 'Edit Session'. Beside using checkbox to include/exclude tabs or windows, you may use drag & drop to move tabs around windows. In the picture below, I am dragging a tab from window (33) to window (103). Since both windows are checked, this will add two new windows to my session. You can also drag tabs directly to the existing windows (e.g. window 103). The window numbers are just Chrome's internal way of identifying windows. Don't be too bothered why they are of a particular number. =P

New options:

We have enabled custom zoom for the popup, please adjust it according to your need.

Open Sessions

Use left click to open a session in a new windows. If the session has more than one windows, it will open the same number of windows as specified in the session.

Advanced tips: With multiple window support, sessions will always open in new windows.

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