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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Incredible Startpage is Web App ready! (1.1.0)

You might have heard from the web already - exciting new changes are coming soon to Chrome, and we have made Incredible Startpage ready for it!

Starting this version (1.1.0), Incredible Startpage is now Chrome Web Apps ready. It looks and works completely the same old good Incredible Startpage at the moment, but when Chrome App Store launches and you have your first taste of Chrome Web Apps, Startpage will be able to show your installed apps and allow you to launch your apps from it. Yay!

If you are upgrading from older versions (1.0.0 or before), remember to accept the new permissions for the latest Incredible Startpage if you haven't already! For Ubuntu users please manually update to Chrome 8.0 stable or above to be able to use the extension! Thanks.

We are all looking forward to it. Enjoy!
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