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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Incredible Startpage 1.5 is released!

Incredible Startpage 1.5 is released! You may now see your list of most visited sites in the "Most Visited" tab. This feature is only available if the new permissions are granted to the startpage. Please find the details below:

Note: If you experience any problem after the updates, please try to restart Chrome and reload the start page. 

After you have updated to version 1.5, when you click the "Most Visited" tab for the first time, you will see the following popup.

Please click "Allow" and the startpage will reload and show the list of most visited sites. This version also asked for access to favicons (icons of web sites), this would solve the issue on unmatched favicons in older versions.

We will continue to improve Incredible Startpage. Enjoy!

* The "Most Visited" function requires Chrome 19+.  Please try to upgrade your Chrome to 19+.

* Please note that the function to remove most visited sites & "Other devices" like the default new tab page is not available to extensions yet. It will be implemented once the function is made available.
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