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Friday, December 28, 2012

FreshStart 1.6 is released!

FreshStart Crash Recovery allows you to auto-save current sessions periodically. Unlike the normal FreshStart sessions, these auto-saved sessions are not stored as bookmarks.

In this update, the Crash Recovery function is greatly enhanced. In addition to the your last Chrome session, five more snapshots of your sessions are saved. These five snapshots are taken during your last five Chrome launches. They can serve as an extra backup when Chrome auto session restore fails.

Enable "Crash Recovery" in FreshStart Options and adjust the backup frequency if necessary.

Usually if Chrome crashed there should be a yellow "Restore" button that allows you to restore to your previous session. In the case when it fails, please open FreshStart popup and click the "Crash Recovery" button. (Note FreshStart "Crash Recovery" must be enabled already)

This will open the Restore Page that contains all your auto-saved sessions. Click on a snapshot link to see the content of the session. The session now includes time-stamps and the pinned state are saved. (Only for auto-save sessions)



Unknown said...

Can you explain why we need this? In my experience Chrome and Chromium almost never lose the tabset on a crash, and they seem to save up to the very latest change.

Perhaps we avoid the 5-minute "slowdown" by specifying only to save the tabset on startup (i.e. trust Chrome)?

Eugen said...

It's only your experience. In my experience Chrome very often loses the tabs and as my computer often crashes I'm very grateful for this function. Now I have my latest tabs and not the tabs from November, when I last remembered to click the save button.

kriko said...

Finally a session manager extension with autosave!

I've lost my tabs too many times - if you work with multiple chrome windows and you close by mistake the main one - chrome will save only the last one which is not really desired in some cases.

Leandro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Since it can be disabled anyway complaining for it is just stupid - seen a lot of that in different chrome extensions review pages for plugins that provide features chrome doesn't have and I always wonder what kind of people complain for features nobody is forcing them and they came out of free will looking for them but it's not what they want?

If you use extension for one of it features and don't like another feature and it can't be disabled, then you have a point for complaining - but don't complain for something you can disable. Same goes for installing something that's designed with different purpose than you actually want - it's like complaining about Lynx not being graphical instead of actually installing a graphical browser :D

Anyway, great extension - thanks a lot. *Especially* for the crash recovery - that's something one needs in pretty much every browser. I've actually had all, excep eLinks (text-mode browser) lose my crashed session one time or another - and if it's because of some page causing browser to crash (*rare* but has happened even with FF and Crome/Chromium) then you might actually need to choose not to use built-in crash recovery to just get the browser start without crashing, and then you've lost the session.
So yes, this is excellent feature.

O. K. said...

A great extension, very helpful. One problem: the pop-up menu at 100% doesn't show the right pane completely. I had to reduce size to 80% to be able to see the 'edit' and 'remove' buttons next to saved sessions. Although, I'm using Brave on a Mac [Mojave] - maybe on Chrome everything looks OK.

Liran & Yuki said...


Where does the extension saves the sessions to?
To my local HDD or to the cloud (Google Drive etc.)?
It is very important to know whether I should backup some specific folder before I format my laptop or do I just need to download the extension and log in so I can have my 100+ tabs back....

Thank you for a great extension anyway !!

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