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Thursday, January 7, 2010

TooManyTabs Advanced Configuration & Setting

Backup & Restore TooManyTabs

All the tabs of TooManyTabs are stored in a bookmark folder called "TooManyTabs (Do Not Delete)". To view the folder, go to "Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks". You can use the backup & restore tools provide by Firefox to backup & restore tabs in TooManyTabs. Note there is no way to backup or restore an individual folder using this tool.

Micro manage TMT rows

Normally the manage tab in TMT options is sufficient, but if prefer more micro management. You can set the preference "" to "false", then you can manage (delete/order) your TMT rows in your bookmarks Library. Please set the preference back to "true" after you finish the management.

Can I rename of the root directory "TooManyTabs (Do Not Delete)" of TooManyTabs?

Yes. You can go to "Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks" and rename the "TooManyTabs (Do Not Delete)" Folder to another name. The changes would be reflected in the add-on immediately (i.e. There is no need to restart Firefox). Under most situations, this is unnecessary.

How to change the maximum size of tabs in TooManyTabs?

To decrease the size of tabs in TooManyTabs, in your url bar, type "about:config" then enter "toomanytabs" to filter the preferences. Change the preference "" to any value under 250. **The add-on will ignore any size larger than 250.

How to clear all data if you uninstall TooManyTabs?
  • After uninstall TMT using the addon manager, restart Firefox
  • TMT data is stored in the Library > "Unsorted Bookmarks" > "TooManyTabs (Do Not Delete)" folder. Please do not remove this folder in case you are just performing a downgrade.
  • To clear all data , just remove the TMT folder. You might also want to backup before you delete the folder (Use backup & save to a file).
  • Go to about:config, search for toomanytabs, then reset all preference that has been modified.
Micromanage your TMT tabs & Row
  • Go to about:config, search for this preference "", set the value to false
  • Go to Unsorted Bookmarks > TooManyTabs (Do not delete). 
  • To manage your rows, you can order the rows (folders), delete or rename a row directly, the changes are reflected immediately on TMT. 
  • For managing TMT tabs, you can drag and drop TMT tab (a bookmark) between rows, delete or rename them. You can also use bookmark addons like SortPlaces that sorts your bookmarks in different ways. 
  • For searching, searching TMT tabs is like searching bookmarks. However, unless you open the tab via TMT, the sessions and tabs state cannot be restored by directly clicking on the bookmarks.
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