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Friday, August 7, 2009

How to customize TMT toolbar

Beginning from TMT 1.0.0, users can customize the TMT toolbar just like any other toolbar. Right click on any FF toolbar and choose 'Customize' to open the Toolbar Palette. Then you drag and drop toolbar buttoms to left or right or even out of TMT toolbar.

These are the looks of the 3 buttons that you can drag or drop from the toolbar palette.

Apart from these 3 buttons, the 'Row Menu' that allows you select TMT rows can also be dragged to a different position (e.g. right of TMT toolbar). However, please do not drag and drop the 'Row Menu' back to the toolbar palette as that would cause unexpected error. Don't worry if you have lost those buttons, you can always click 'Restore Default Set' to reset the toolbars . (And restart Firefox if you have lost the Row Menu.)

** To enable customization of your TMT toolbar, you will need to move the TMT toolbar position to the top first. Sometimes Firefox may change the order of your buttons if you move the TMT from bottom to top.

We hope you enjoy your unique TMT toolbar!
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