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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TooManyTabs 0.4.0 Released (with a catch)

TooManyTabs has been upgraded to 0.4.0, this major upgrade would migrate the tabs to a more stable storage (Firefox Database) and allow users to add/rename rows in TooManyTabs. However, we are now facing some problems with the Firefox Add-ons Platform. To install the upgrade, please download the add-on from this link

Currently the "Download Now" and "See All Versions" links are missing from TooManyTabs Listing Page, and a search on "TooManyTabs" also returns no result from the Platform. We have already reported the situation to the Firefox add-ons editors two days ago and are still waiting for an answer (It's Christmas time!). We hope everything will be fixed soon~

Merry Christmas!

Update (26 Dec) : The bug is resolved by AMO editors today~ You can go to "TooManyTabs" > "See All Versions" and download TooManyTabs 0.4.0 directly.

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